Do i have a case?

The answer to this question depends upon each situation. The best answer can only be offered once you contact me and we discuss your case.

Does hiring you guarantee results?

The short answer to this question is No. Every case is different and an honest attorney can never guarantee a result. Some outcomes in certain instances become highly likely though.

What are your consultation fees?

The 20 minute consultation is absolutely free. A longer in-depth consult that includes more involves a one-hour fee of $175 which is applied to the overall fees in the case if you hire me to help you.

If I made a statement to the police, can the statement be used against me if the police did not read me my rights?

Sometimes. If you were not in police custody the statement usually can be used against you. Also, if you were to make a spontaneous statement not in response to police questioning of you, then often it can be used against you even if you were in police custody.

What is the attorney-client relationship?

All that we discuss in your initial consultation remains confidential. There are duties that I have to you when you are my client, one of which is to zealously represent you, another of which is to honor the attorney-client privilege.These are some hallmarks of the attorney-client relationship. When we meet we can further discuss the outline and contents of this relationship.

What is required to obtain a divorce in Florida?

One party, only one spouse, needs to state that the marriage is irretrievably broken. If the party has been a resident of Florida for six months or longer, then a divorce will be granted.

If I leave the marital residence I own with my spouse, will the court say that I abandoned the residence?

No. The court, from your act of leaving the residence to live elsewhere, will not from this fact alone find that you have abandoned the residence.