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30+ Years of Experience

My experience includes 18 years in family law and over 30 years in criminal law, as well as work in juvenile delinquency. I have always been a member in good standing with the Forida Bar during my 30+ years as a lawyer. Not all lawyers can make this claim.

Many factors are involved in criminal and family law cases, and an experienced attorney is more likely to read and respond to situations in ways that are more likely to help clients. That is why so many people are willing to pay more for experience.


I graduated from the University of Florida in 1980 and Georgetown University Law Center in 1984. I obtained my license to practice law when I passed the Florida Bar Exam in 1984 and have been practicing law in Florida courtrooms ever since!

Murder Cases

Nothing demonstrates my competence and abilities more than my achievement in alleged murder cases — where the death penalty was often sought by the State. While I do not deal with cases of this severity today, I offer them as an example. I handled over 30 murder cases, 22 of which went to trial. I handled nine penalty phases in capital murder cases. While a good portion of murder cases involve the death penalty, I can proudly say that no client of mine is on death row. Few attorneys who have handled so many murder cases can point to such success.

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